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At Neer we believe in variety, we believe diversity is beautiful each and everywhere. Hence we have tried to incorporate this concept of diversity in our drinks. Each one of us is different, and so are our tastes and preferences, hence we have made different flavours of our kombucha to suit your taste and your preference. We have tried to incorporate the best duos possible so as to bring in the best of both things. While curating our products your health and well-being are our priority. Hence we make use of the purest, most basic and toxin-free ingredients while making our kombucha. Diversity is beautiful, each one of us is different and so are our taste preferences. Hence we went ahead and flavoured ours.

The Variety We Offer Are As Follows:

Ginger kombucha

Lemon lavender kombucha 

Passion fruit kombucha 

Strawberry flavoured kombucha. 

Exclusively for you to taste and cherish

Let Us Explore All These In Detail

Ginger Kombucha

Kombucha along with Ginger is a perfect, healthy, tasteful and irresistible duo. In our Ginger flavoured kombucha we have tried to bring in the best of Ginger and the best of kombucha so as to make the best Ginger kombucha which has got the delightful tart and frizz of kombucha and warm, Nouriting properties of Ginger. 

We have tried to incorporate the sharp pungent, earthy Ginger root which is a miraculous healing agent. Apart from this Ginger is attributed to having anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that acts as a soothing agent and when this goes along with kombucha which is healthy for the gut and overall health this makes our exquisite range of Kombucha Ginger drinks.  

While including the kombucha flavours with Ginger your taste is also our priority.  Hence these drinks taste perfect so as to give a cool kombucha detox . 

Lemon Lavender Kombucha

Lavender lemon kombucha which is rejuvenating for your mind and body. 

We have perfectly incorporated the fizzy, sour punch of kombucha with the floral notes of lavender and the freshness of lemons to make it a drink of heavens. 

The drink is perfect for your gut because the kombucha in it is your gut’s best friend. 

The lemon is known to be a detoxification agent and a de-stressing agent for your digestive tract. When the duo is mixed with the lavender which is a soothing agent a magical drink is crafted which is great for your mind and soul.

Passion Fruit kombucha

We have incorporated the goodness of passion fruits and have included the tart and frizziness of kombucha to make our passion fruit kombucha drink. 

It tastes in between sour and sweet and will leave you confused, delighted and wanting for more. But one thing is for sure this drink gives you an instant boost of emotional energy.

Strawberry Kombucha

At Neer, we have curated our strawberry kombucha drink which contains a bit of lemonish extracts to form what we call as the perfect strawberry lemon kombucha. 

The strawberries and the kombucha give this drink the exception of being extremely healthy and totally tasty.

Hence these are some specifications of our flavours. Now we are sure that you must be interested to know how you can have your favourite flavour of Neer Kombucha. Well, you need not to worry we have made our kombucha available online so that you can buy kombucha online


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