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Kombucha can be the best friend
your digestive system needs.

  • Kombucha comforts the vitals by providing micro nutrients & aminos instead of loading them with sugar heavy natural factors. These are created through fermentation of the drink, using a smart symbiotic culture of bacteria.
  • The micronutrients and animos work as a detoxifier for the digestive tract. Additionally, the amino acids help eliminate bad bacteria in the gut. Better gut, better well-being.
  • The nutritional constituents of kombucha also act as food for the good bacteria in our intestines and help in overall good gastrointestinal health.
  • Good gut health is directly associated with relieving stress, mood enhancement and reducing nervous system fatigue.

Neer is designed with nature, from nature, following the innate
process of fermented tea.

The central idea is as simple and honest as its name. We want the most basic substance to make a big difference for the body, nature and culture. The rhythm of nature, the ebb and flow of water and its cross-section is our inspiration for bringing you our brewed teas.

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The wellness and health industry is replete with claimants and noise, so we want to speak substantially about our product features. Simple statements without inflated ideas of benefits.

Kombucha is a simple beverage with a mere five honest ingredients blended to create natural goodness. Water, tea, sugar, kombucha culture and fruit juice, that’s all goes into getting our pure, sustainable, minimalist core.

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