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Know our process

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Our lifeline :
neer a.k.a. water

The foremost part of making good Kombucha is to use clean water. We UV filter our water without losing all the essentials minerals in the process.

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becomes tea

We use the best quality organically grown and responsibly sources of Darjeeling green and Assam black teas from Siliguri a beautiful city which sits in the foot hills of  Himalayas, surrounded by tea gardens. We precisely seep our Tea leaves for 7 minutes in 85 C water to derive the maximum flavour and preserve the desired compounds.


Then comes our homegrown Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast – SCOBY also called mother. We also add Sugar at this stage. In kombucha fermentation, sugar acts as fuel for the SCOBY which thereby converts the simple tea concoction into a beneficial acid and antioxidant rich beverage.

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Then comes the flavour

After the fermentation, the kombucha is ready to be infused with our signature flavour combinations. Our recipes are selected after testing 100 different possible combinations to bring you our best.

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Ready to go

The triple filtration process makes NEER Kombucha ready to travel far and wide.

The triple filtration process removed all the yeast and bacteria with- out taking away the nutrients that make the kombucha beneficial. The filtration process aids in making Kombucha stable and fresh, so it can remain good as day one for days in your fridge. The almost clear kombucha is as pure as the water it is made of.



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