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You’ve definitely heard about kombucha and intended to incorporate it into your diet. But do you have a convincing motive to consume kombucha on a daily basis?  For all this, you must first understand what kombucha is?

It is nothing but fermented tea, Kombucha’s origin takes us back to 9,000 years. It is made using 5 simple ingredients; water, tea leaves, SCOBY (aka the culture), sugar and natural fruit pulp. The process starts with brewing sweet tea to which then, the SCOBY is added. This mixture is left undisturbed to ferment for a duration of 10 – 12 days in order for the culture to do its magic. It is during this time that the kombucha gets enriched with probiotics and organic acids for which it is well known for. Post the initial fermentation the kombucha is refermented with flavouring agents for instance, lemon juice and lavender buds for our lemon lavender kombucha. This second fermentation helps with developing the fizz and ofcourse in making the booch super delicious!

Now let’s dig deeper into the health benefits of consuming kombucha

Rich Source of Probiotics, Vitamins, and Minerals:

Kombucha is a great source of probiotics, antioxidants, and minerals

It also contains slight amounts of vitamins from the C and the B group.  Probiotic microorganisms are created as a result of the fermentation process. Probiotics have been shown to help digestion and provide numerous other health advantages.

Reduce Risk for Certain Diseases:

Kombucha is a type of healthy tea that, if included in your normal diet, will help to improve cholesterol levels, control blood sugar, and reduce belly fat. It is also claimed that kombucha contains the same chemical combinations as green tea.

Significant Amount of Antioxidants:

Kombucha tea has numerous benefits due to the fermentation process. It has more antioxidants that  assist the human body to fight against disease.

Cut Down on Alcohol:

Kombucha makes a great and much healthier alternative to alcohol. Also, the organics acids present in the kombucha gives it a tart base note much similar to sour beer and certain wines.

Enhance Gut and Overall Health:

Its probiotic composition and the organic acids present in it benefits gut health and helps to avoid gastrointestinal issues. Kombucha consumption may help with cholesterol management and reduce the chance of developing heart disease. Many potentially hazardous germs are killed by Kombucha.Kombucha is nutritious and full of health benefits. Making it beneficial to add in your regular diet. So why wait? Go ahead and shop some booch from the nearest store or buy kombucha tea online.

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